I offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your individual needs. I am here to guide you through the entire design process with expertise and creativity.

Tailored services

$50 - Initial Consultation

A 30-minute phone, zoom or in-person meeting designed to gather key information about your space. I encourage you to share details such as photos of the room (measurements) goals, inspiration, and concerns prior to the meeting.

In this meeting I will:

  • Discuss vision, style and preferences
  • Provide expert guidance and insights
  • Share photos and inspiration (in a follow-up email)
  • Address questions, budget, and timeline
  • Outline next steps

$75 - Moodboard Creation with Shopping List

After 10-min zoom consultation, I will provide you 3 different MoodBoards for one room with a shopping list based on your budget.

In this package I will:

  • Gather input on style, color scheme, and aesthetic preferences
  • Create 3 visually appealing moodboard reflecting the design concept
  • Include color palettes, textures, furniture inspiration, and accessories
  • Share moodboard for feedback and revisions if needed
  • Provide a list with items to shop for your design.

Turnaround for this can be between 5-10 business days.

$200 - Purchasing Services

After a 30-min consultation via phone, zoom or in-person I will curate a comprehensive list of recommended furniture, decor items, lighting fixtures, and accessories that align with the your design concept (normally around 20 items).

I will be sourcing and purchasing (with your money) the right products for your project.

Turnaround for this can be between 10 - 15 business days.This timeline is needs and resources based.

$85 - Space Planning and Layout

An hour in person in your house consultation with measuring the space to create a functional and efficient layout including furniture placement and flow, to optimize the use of the area.

In this package I will:

  • Analyze the space and develop an efficient layout
  • Reccomend furniture placement and flow
  • Maximize the space's potential

$300 - 2 hour - Full house staging consultation

During our full house staging consultation, I will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your entire house. This will come with:

  • Evaluation of each room to provide personalized recommendations
  • Suggestions for decluttering, rearranging furniture, adding or replacing decor
  • Focus on creating a cohesive and welcoming atmosphere to attract potential buyers or visitors

$50 - One item Consultation

You may already be an expert and your place already looks amazing! However you would still want help with Color or Lighting or one piece of furniture.

This 15- min meeting comes with a list of 5 options recommended for the item that you need!

  • Budget

    Determine your budget range for the project.

  • Style

    Know your design style or collect inspiration.

  • Project Scope

    Outline the specific rooms to focus on.

  • Functionality

    Consider function and any specific needs.

  • Timeline

    Communicate your desired project timeline.

  • Questions

    Prepare any questions or concerns ahead!

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